Work of the Devil

Steamboats, or ”work of the Devil”, as they, once upon a time, were called by suspicious farmers around Mälaren (the large lake close to Stockholm), have long been a given part of Stockholm’s cosmopolitan scene. So given that the man on the street rarely- or probably never- has reflected on their background, or knows the large part they have actually had on the Swedish industrial history.

The purpose of Ångbåtsbryggan is to vivify an important époque in Sweden’s early industrial development. At the turn of the last century, close to 200 steamboats were cruising the waters of the Mälaren. 10 of these are preserved in the world’s largest steamboat fleet, 4 of these are tied up at Ångbåtsbryggan.

Private parties can charter all boats, which are tied up at Ångbåtsbryggan; either at sea, or as a chambre separée with a magnificent view of the Ladugårds Bay. There will also be guided tours of the boats offered.

If you wish to book any of the steamboats, please send an email to: