Sea foam

The philosophy of Ångbåtsbryggan is based on availability- it is supposed to feel simple to step aboard. You are welcome here, whether only to have a look at ”Vätterns fånge” (a famous historical ship) with a glass of champagne, or to enjoy a 3-course meal inside the restaurant.

Both the concept and the interior are built on the culture surrounding the steamboats. The menu is inspired by the first class menu on the world’s, probably, most famous steamboat – the Titanic. The wine list is divided into first, second, and third class. The menu offers a variety of luxurious smaller dishes, such as canapés and duets; as well as more substantial food, such as Steamboat Steak and Steak Minute, for those feeling the draw of the ocean.

The restaurant is built on a barge, which was use to transport war material during WWII, and despite the limited space there is much seating both inside and out. The challenge therefore largely lies in making many kinds of people gastronomically happy, under limited conditions purely practically – just like on any ship.