The new meeting place on Strandvägen

Ångbåtsbryggan is a unique cultural historical meeting place – a high class restaurant flanked by four floating museums on Strandvägen. Ever since the Art and Industry Exhibition in 1897, Strandvägen has been one of the most popular promenades for the Stockholmers.  Now, Sweden’s answer to the Champs-Elysées has recieved a new flagship in the form of a meeting place which ties together history, culture, technology, pleasure and – people.

Welcome aboard on a journey through time.

DJ & LIVE @ ÅB i sommar

Här uppdaterar vi löpande artister och DJ:s som dyker upp i sommar: kalendarium

Vår meny

Havets läckerheter dominerar vår utsökta meny som du kan spana in här. 

First class on first row

Our menu is inspired by the first class menu on the world’s most famous steamboat.